Jonathan Nelson

My methodology is based around the principles of effort and active participation

Hello, my name is Jonathan Nelson and I graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in May of 2016 with duel matriculate majors in Spanish and Education. I am outgoing and extremely passionate about English. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Argentina for four months, in addition to taking part in various trips to South America and Europe. While in Argentina, I studied at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I received Spanish credits towards my degree. These exposures to life outside of the United States have shaped my language understanding as well as allowed me to reach a higher degree of authenticity. Through these cultural experiences, I have a strong foundation from which I will teach! My methodology is based around the principles of effort and active participation. It is essential to understand that learning and comprehending a foreign language is more like practicing and instrument than it is a class. Simply put, if you do not practice, you will not improve. Learning the oral intricacies of a foreign language can be challenging, but with daily practice and exposure it is very achievable. I look forward to this academic year and helping your student reach their maximum potential.